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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Bio-based building-block chemicals

Bio-based building-block chemicals
Succinic acid, also known as amber acid, is a building-block chemical that has long been derived from petroleum.
Now, BioAmber’s innovative biotechnology process produces our BIO-SA™ brand from renewable plant-based feedstocks. We offer opportunities for differentiation in many products with a reduced carbon footprint without compromising on performance or quality. Our BIO-SA™ product is competitively priced and commercially available.


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    1. BioAmber Inc.'s technology platform is protected by three types of intellectual property. There are patents that BIOAmber have filed and obtained, patents BIOAmber have licensed from others, and trade secrets that BIOAmber have not disclosed. BIOAmber intellectual property portfolio covers their yeast, the metabolic pathways they have optimized within their yeast, the way they design and operate their fermenters, the ways they purify succinic acid, and certain applications such as the use of succinic acid in personal care and succinic acid based plasticizers.