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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Use of Naphtha & NGL as Feedstock Workshop

This workshop will begin with a discussion of the significant end use applications for the major olefins feedstocks, including both chemical and non-chemical competition. It will include coverage of industry jargon and definitions, and other basic information about olefins feedstocks. This course will also have a high level discussion of feedstock economics for the main consuming processes and end uses, as well as the basics of feedstock market valuation and pricing.

This workshop will include an overview of regional feed stock availability supported by an analysis of feed stock production, consumption and trade, including freight implications and major supply drivers. Course attendees will learn how the major olefins feed stocks are consumed both by the petrochemicals industry and by other end users, and will provide insight about why the market values petrochemical feedstocks as it does.

Debnil Chowdhury
Director, North America NGLs Research & Consulting, IHS Markit

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